“But the love of God will be perfected within the one who obeys God’s Word. We can be sure that we’ve truly come to live in intimacy with God, not just by saying, ‘I am intimate with God,’ but by walking in the footsteps of Jesus” (1 John 2:5-6; TPT). 

Dearest Jesus,

Exceedingly great is the desire within my heart to know You more, to discover You, Christ Jesus, in completeness without constraint, to behold Your beauty in the morrow more than the yesterday. How wholly I want to be immersed in the entirety of Your water, wine and wind – the Word, the blood and the Holy Spirit that releases healing from within. Let me look, oh Lord, forever into Your eyes of fire, draw me into holiness, higher and higher. My being burns with a plea that exceeds the sound of my lips, “Lord, apart from You there is nothing left for me in this life or the next; I crave to wholeheartedly follow in Your steps, to daily take up my cross and walk where You go. Jesus, make my disobedience beyond the bounds of possibility, let me walk in obedient humility!” For this is what You take delight in most, a willing heart to walk in Your way, perfected in love, without fear and steadfast in faith. 


Your Holy Spirit has taught me this lesson more precious than the finest gold: in my flesh there exists perfectly nothing of the slightest desire to obey Your heart’s want. Even David wrote the longest Psalm regarding Your law and knew without Your power at work within him the possibility of living holy was turned into impossibility. Morning by morning, only by the reading of the Scriptures, I’m stirred to obey You, my precious Lord, to crucify the flesh and to be watered by Your Word. Anything rooted in the flesh fights against Your Spirit, so let Your Spirit grow stronger in me that my flesh will die to our growing unity. 

I’ve learnt that obedience leads to love and how that truth ceases not to amaze me! How in my ignorance I’ve thought it the other way around, just to search the Scriptures and be sublimely confound. 

Oh Jesus, You’ve pressed it on my heart to pray to yield to You, because without Your help obedience and love is lost in the mire of self, utterly consumed by the stubborn insistence to cherish sinful wills. Teach my, like David said, to do Your will,  and unite my heart to revere Your name, lead me in the way of righteousness that myself will not lead me astray. For if it is Your law that is hidden within my heart, my love for You will be proven pure, because it is from sin and self that I depart. Only once the want to follow in Your footsteps absorbs all else will I be led to love – for my submission to You is the gateway to Your heart. What will my love be worth if all I ever offer is vain promises proclaimed from deceitful lips? 


Thank You, Jesus, for telling me this truth – once to live according to Your law becomes preeminent in my life and I’m made more like You, the flame of holy love will burn bright within my heart and love’s perfection will be perfected as I see You as the Person that is Love. When I walk holy through grace I’m the delight of Your heart and Your love is proven in me – a love that is perfect in pureness and sacred in sincerity , wholly wonderful and warmer than any embrace, it’s a more than a holy hug – it’s a forever adoration. Oh, Jesus, it’s merely when my deepest desire is to obey Your every command that a zealous devotion stirs me to seek the Scriptures in search of You – Your Word is the mirror reflecting the Person of Love in truth. 

Obedience and perfect love is in rhythm like a romantic waltz – as I lift my feet to walk in Your way and dance to the sound of Your Scriptures I’m drawn to You in the most glorious way. With every step of obedience I discover more of Your heart, solely when I seek You through the Scriptures I retrieve the Love that sinfulness has lost. Woe is me and who am I that Love wants to lavish itself on a wretch like me? Yet my sin didn’t stop You from breathing Your last on Calvary’s tree. Jesus, You breathed Your last to blow me a kiss of grace – the cross, the emblem of the closeness You want me to cherish forever and always. 

More than this, sweet Saviour, is the defeat of my fear, when Love’s voice – the Holy Spirit – sings louder in my ear. With the endless revelation of the agony You endured to give me access to Your heart, all anxiety ceases as I am lost in Your ceaseless love. 

Jesus, truly You amaze me and I worship You in awe. 


Every bold decision that I make to obey Your law through the help of Your Holy Spirit, a devotion to Your Word is cultivated, and a holy passion is released within my heart – a sacred love that vows to never out of Your will depart. As I give myself away to You, my heart is married to Yours and a boldness to burn for all that is righteous becomes restless and without control. But above all, God, if then Your law is honestly hidden within my heart, loving others should be easy, as this is Your second most dearest command. So, Holy Spirit, let Jesus be the Water that flows from the banks of my heart, spilling spontaneously into the lives of others, refreshing the souls of the weary with the rivers of God. 

In Jesus’ precious name I pray, burn each sinful desire within every reader away with the blazing fire to obey. Open up their eyes – and mine – oh, God I pray, through the Holy Spirit to see You, the Man Christ Jesus, as the Person of Love from this very day. Immerse them in Your Water and Fire and blow with Your Wind, to never return to the path of sinfulness ever again. Give them grace upon grace as they ask boldly for help to hear and obey. Stir their hearts to seek for You in the Scriptures, and reveal to them Your Person in full so that by the revelation of You as Love, they may be moulded into You. Hear my prayer, oh precious Jesus, to reveal to them Your heart, that they may see and now that You are the only holy, eternal God. Help them crucify the flesh fully every day, to yield to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and easily obey. And with this, stir a love within their hearts for truth that is only found in You, to be perfected by love’s language that is the entirety of Your Word – a love letter from You to them and the lyrics to the hymn of Your heart. “But the love of God will be perfected within the one who obeys God’s Word. We can be sure that we’ve truly come to live in intimacy with God, not just by saying, ‘I am intimate with God,’ but by walking in the footsteps of Jesus” (1 John 2:5-6; TPT). 



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  1. Thank you Annaliese for reminding us of the perfect love of Jesus and to live up to it. Sowing love and to be a light and mirror to others.


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