Expecting Jesus

“‘The Lord is my portion and my inheritance,’ says my soul; ‘Therefore I have hoped in Him and wait expectantly for Him.’ The Lord is good to those who wait [confidently] for Him, to those who seek Him [on the authority of God’s word]” (Lamentations 3:24-25; AMP). 

Dearest Jesus,

May my greatest desire ever be to move Your heart; to be to You wholly a pleasure (as the man who, at Your word, simply believed), making You marvel with honey-sweet delight as You proudly proclaim, “My child, You have found favour in My sight.” Jesus, increasingly a desire is knowing what to expect when I know not; for my prospects burn dimply as stars on a hazy night and my eagerness to be sure as the summer sun visibly bright. In a mere moment of Your glory You have given me a promise; yet the road to obtainment remains unsure from my stance, but I have heard the Holy Spirit whisper to my heart, “When you know not what to expect, expect Jesus.” 


All the more You are drawing me closer to Your heart, closing my eyes of flesh with clay from looking at all without worth, moulding my sight with holy water into faith and fire. From my heart emerges a humble aspiration: “Oh, Jesus, that the confines of convention may splinter as glass against the ground, that You would grant me sincere sight to see that it’s in the most unexpected that You are found!” 

Though my heart stands in meek expectation, have mercy and aid me in abstaining from deciding how You will perform the promise. Remove from me the Pharisee-mentality that causes me to so easily miss the glory of Your presence, but fill me with faith to gladly receive all that is already spoken, but not yet seen. Oh, sweetest Saviour, that I may never miss You in Your splendour! For as a Lamb, You, the Lion of Judah entered the world, covered in crimson streams, You, the Son of Man and Son of God, bought a fount from whence liquid glory flows, that saves man and makes him whole. Merge my sight to be one with Yours, to gaze in docility upon the insignificant spaces and to find the Most Significant, hidden as You were in little Bethlehem’s manger. 


As the tides become aware of the day’s dawn and night’s yawn, so too am I increasingly growing mindful of the ever-truth that resonates so deeply within my soul: “The Lord is my portion and inheritance.” It is only at this apprehension that I can wait in expectation as a cluster of luminous stars awaiting their shine, it is solely when my soul knows that it’s You that it seeks and longs to find! Jesus, let my soul know that it’s You that I expect; permit me to look into Your fire-filled eyes burning with a love that I in no other can find. 

Gently teach my heart to minister to You first, to expect Your heart before I seek the move of Your hand, to dance with You in intimacy, before I do in the sight of man. (How marvellous to know, that the Holy One has chosen a speck of mud – me – as His glorious home!) Jesus, pour Your oil into the lamp of my heart, to glow with vivid colours for the One that I love above all, that I may never compromise what You long for most: unity, to hold me close. 


As I linger in the pleasure of Your presence, the slow wait turns into a salty shore drawing me deeper into the sea where Your glory flows, where my spirit surrenders to the Holy Wind’s breezy blow. The moment my being burns excitedly in expectation of the King, hailing, “Holy, Holy!” my soul starts to sing. As You grow to become my first desire, ever-seated upon the throne of my heart, eager expectation arises like the orange-pink hues of a sunset-kiss after a stormy day, as a reminder of Your golden vow to ever stay. 

Oh Jesus, hear the plea of my heart, “Remove from my life all that contends with You, until I’m the poured-out vessel that You can use!” As the yearning to be one with You possesses all of me, my self-desires are laid down at Your feet. No longer do I wait upon Your Holy Spirit to blow around me according to my liking, but to blow over the plain of my heart – to gratify Your desire to never be apart. 

Father God, I approach You now through Jesus, the only access I have to You, and I proclaim that I am excited to be with You. Let these words minister to the hearts of Your people and teach them (as You taught me) to eagerly expect You. Perhaps they may not know what to expect, but fill them with faith to stand in expectation of You; expecting You even in the unexpected places to powerfully move. But, more than this, Lord, open their eyes to see that You are their portion; give them a hunger to desire Your heart more than Your hand – it’s only when we delight ourselves in You that You will grant us the desires of our hearts! Turn our eyes from looking at the worthless things of this world and open our eyes to see wondrous things from Your law and hide it in our hearts that we will be Your delight, ever-pleasing in Your sight. Let this now be their declaration as they stand in eager, faith-filled expectation: “‘The Lord is my portion and my inheritance,’ says my soul; ‘Therefore I have hoped in Him and wait expectantly for Him.’ The Lord is good to those who wait [confidently] for Him, to those who seek Him [on the authority of God’s word]” (Lamentations 3:24-25; AMP). 



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